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Kaspar Jalily ( سهند جلیلی ) is an award winning musician.

Born in France, from an Iranian father and Dutch mother, he initially learned classical guitar at age 14.
This established a technique early on that eventually freed him to develop his own sought-after style on electric guitar that he taught to thousands of students through his courses on acclaimed platforms such as Soundslice and Pickup Music.

Kaspar's craft and expertise in his field is subject to publications internationally in outlets like Guitar Magazine Japan, Top Guitar, Guitare Xtreme Magazine and more. 

Always dedicated to perfect his knowledge of the industry, Kaspar studied and graduated with honours in music business in Paris. 

His playing has been noticed and acclaimed by world renowned musicians and jury as he won the 1st prize in Rhythm guitar and 
2nd prize in Rock guitar in the « Six String Theory » 2018 competition created by legendary guitarist Lee Ritenour.
He also won the « Trade it All » competition created by the multi Grammy award winning artist Cory Henry which led him to perform with the artist. 

In addition to performing for international artists, Kaspar is also very active in the French scene as a music director and 
side-man for mainstream artists such as Soolking, Soprano, Poupie, Louane, Tiakola and many more. 

In 2020, Kaspar Jalily along with Vola Guitars released his Signature guitar model, the Vola KJM. The KJM was greatly received in the guitar industry with publications in major outlets such as Premier Guitar  and Guitar World.

He was able to work in partnership with brands like Puma, Red Bull and more, showing that guitar is still part of popular culture.

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