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If you are willing to take your guitar/musician skills to the next level in a time-effective way and are willing to put in the work, make sure to sign up for my Intensive Guitar Course ! 🎸

What you get through the course : 

  • 5 one-on-one lessons ( 1 per week )

  • Daily Exercices

  • Direct feedback and advice from myself

  • Exchange with the student community via group chat

Topics include :

  • Guitar techniques 

  • Scales

  • Modes

  • Musicality

  • Tone and tweaking your gear properly

  • Rhythm, time and placement

  • Practice routine and organizing

  • Learning and preparing shows

  • Ear training and how to transcribe fast

  • Music production

  • Backing track creation

  • Music Industry and Business

  • How to make it as a musician nowadays

What you need : 

  • Intermediate English/Spanish/French

  • Good internet connection

Use the contact form to reserve your intensive guitar course 

Please be advised that slots are limited !


 Price : 275 USD            

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